Baja Craft Beers Tasting Room

Baja Craft Beers BCB -

San Diego is currently the capital of the craft beer industry and Baja is not too far behind. You may find this surprising coming from the country known for Corona and Tecate, but there are tons of small craft beer companies that have popped up in the past few years.

Part of the reason that you may not know much about these micro-breweries is that Mexican regulations make it difficult for many restaurants and bars to serve any beers other than those owned by the two Mexican beer giants – Grupo Modelo (Modelo, Corona, Pacifico) and FEMSA (Tecate, Dos Equis, Sol, Bohemia). This means that it’s been an uphill challenge for the Baja microbreweries.

A few of the breweries have tasting rooms and are open to the public, but one of the easiest ways to try a sampling of some of these Baja beers is to go to the Baja Craft Beers tasting room in Tijuana. It’s a bar with 42 beers on tap and about 300 more available in bottles. Many of the beers are local craft beers from Baja and they have some from San Diego microbreweries as well.

Don’t miss local beers from Baja breweries such as Cucapá, Ramuri, Insurgentes, Cerveza Tijuana or any of BCB’s own brews. Prices start at about $3 for a beer on tap. They also have a full kitchen if you get hungry.  It’s dark inside the bar, but the décor is nice. Up-cycled wood has been beautifully crafted into stools and long bar tables, and old metal kegs have been turned into light fixtures. It all makes sense for this old warehouse that’s been turned into a craft beer bar.

They don’t have a phone number, and their website doesn’t have much information, but they are open 7 days a week (Mon-Thurs 12:30pm to 12am and Fri-Sun 1:30pm to 1:30am). They accept credit cards and they have wifi available for customers.

Baja Craft Beers
Orizaba 3003-E5,
Fracc. Neidhard,
Tijuana, BC
32.515047, -117013403


Baja Craft Beers BCB -




Baja Craft Beers BCB -



Baja Craft Beers BCB -


Baja Craft Beers BCB -


Baja Craft Beers BCB -


Baja Craft Beers BCB -


Baja Craft Beers BCB -



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