My parents have been coming down to Baja since the 70s and they started bringing me along on their adventures from the time I was six months old. I spent most of my childhood cruising around Baja in a Westfalia camper with the Kingston Trio blasting in the background and a sense of adventure in the air. I ran off to New York City at the age of 18 where I spent a decade cultivating my taste as a fashion editor and designer before returning back to my roots on the west coast. I currently reside in northern Baja and am writing the next edition of the Baja Moon Handbook. This blog is a sampling of some of the great places that Baja has to offer. I encourage you to get out and explore.

For more information on traveling to Baja, contact Discover Baja – www.discoverbaja.com. They’re a one-stop shop for Baja travel (auto insurance, tourist permits, up-to-date information, travel discounts, maps, books, resources, etc). Tell them Jen sent you.

You can reach me directly at   theothercalifornia[at]gmail[dot]com

Happy travels!


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